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>> crews just just arrived at
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17th and mission, and repairs get underway at the sight of a dui crash. we'll tell you what we learned about the driver. >> a suspicious fire at a popular vallejo bar. what happened earlier? >> assault investigation in oakland, how is directly tied to a popular comedian. >> and california oil refineries take the heat, with new research suggesting companies mission led the public about refinery shut-downs. we'll tell you about a hearing happening later. mornings on 2 starts right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, welcome. it is thursday, november 15th. were gas prices art fistly inflicted? a hearing could race -- were
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artificially inflated? >> a hearing is taking place. a stunning new report will be presented at the hearing. good morning, alex. >> reporter: that suggestingings that refineries produced gas lynn it's a team that the public was -- at a time that the public was told the contrary. and that was responsibility for the gas spikes earlier. now a state senate hearing will be looking into whether drivers were paying more for gas than they should have been. lawmakers will be presented with a new report that was prepared by oregon based mccullough research. it combed through environmental documents and found california refineries were operating during supposed outages and maintenance shut downs in may and october of this year. researchers specifically mentioned the shell refinery in martinez, and the chevron refinery in richmond. they blame the shut downs for the fact that west coast drivers
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are pay $.50 more per gallon than the national average. but the chair of the committee said he wants to find out if oil companies intentionally misled the public. >> in fact, inventory levels in california increased during the may and october price spikes. so this is what contradicts what the industry is saying, so the question is whether this is market driven, or some form of manipulation. >> reporter: and we have reached out to both shell and chevron for a reaction to this report. shell has not yet responded, but a chevron spokesperson told us she will review the information in the report, and prepare a response and get pack later on this morning. now, the new research will be presented to lawmakers during a state senate committee hearing on bay area transportation. that happens at 10:00 this morning here in san francisco. the chair that have committee,
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again hope the hearings will result in what he refers to as more direct overitem of refineries moving forward. we have developing news, a woman driver facing several charges in san francisco, after a wild police chase that left behind several crashes, and injuries. you can see the damage that just happened hours ago. >> reporter: they are trying to fix the damage, they are trying to help put this traffic light back in service, because this is a very busy intersection. and as the morning progresses, more traffic coming through. these traffic lights are not working, and here's why. take a look. we pan to the left, you can see the mess left behind. this is where the collision ended. you can actually see part of the car sitting on the sidewalk there, one of the mirrors of the vehicle to show you just what
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violence and speed this crash actually ended in. i want to take you through what happened. let me show you a map. this chase didn't last long, but it stretched for a while. if you look, it started on the 4th street on ramp on i 80, that was closed this morning at 2:00 a.m. when a chp officer saw this vehicle drive on to the on ramp and on to the freeway. the officer followed, and then tried to pull the driver over, but she kept going, getting off at mission -- let me show you video from that scene, pause you can see a vehicle -- because you can see the vehicle hit the parked car, and a man walking his bike. the man is okay. got a bump and maybe a scrape, was taken to the hospital to be checked out, but he is okay. now to the second collision at 17th and this van nest, she
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kept going and crashed on into the corner. taking out a truck, a street lamp, the light signal and a, into a little parking lot area owned by a car lot. that is the mess that we were avenue still cleaning up at this point because fixing that signal has not been easy, because it basically ripped it out of the sidewalk, and on to the street, so lots of wires, lots of things to try to figure out, and they are still trying to get that figured out, hoping to get the traffic signal up and going. maybe by 9:00, but that is a guess at this point. now, as far as the driver, what we've learned, she is faces several charges those include hit-and-run, reckless evading, dui, and is facing an enhancement. that enhancement can only go to people who have had at least three prior convictions of dui. so apparently, this driver has been in trouble before for this very same thing live in san
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francisco. it is 7:06, overnight news, homicide investigation in antioch brought out the bomb squad. police were called to a shooting at the delta pines apartment. they found a 32-year-old man dead in one of those apartments. they also found something they thought might be an explosive device. bomb technicians from walnut creek were called in but they determined the item was not a bomb. uc berkley police are investigating a miranda mysterious death in the americaly hills. a man reported his friend disappeared at grizzly peak boulevard on the college campus early yesterday evening. less than an hour later, searchers found the body of a man in his 20s about 200 feet down a hill. he may have fallen, and hit a large rock. his friend identified him as the missing person. campus police say the victim was not affiliated with uc berkley,
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an autopsy is being performed, but investigators do not think foul play was involved. well known comedian cat williams asked after an alleged assault in oakland. police rushed to the courtyard marriott on broadway in downtown oakland about 8:00. reportedly, man was attacked possibly hit in the head with a bottom in the hotel parking lot. police interviewed that particular individual, then they detained cat williams for questioning. >> saw someone getting put on a stretcher, there was an ambulance, a cops, cars, people around trying to see what was happen. >> so far, we've had no word of any arrests in the case. cat williams is scheduled to perform her stand -- his stand up comedy act tomorrow night. there are three congressional hearings today,
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all regarding the american consulate attack. what lawmakers say they want to know about the attack from the obama administration. >> and happening right now, live, these are live pictures senate arms services committee is holding a confirmation hearing for joseph denver. he is slated to take over at commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan. he would replace general john allen. allen was supposed to be pro momentsed to supreme allied commander in europe, but that's on hold right now. after questionable e-mails between allen and a woman in florida were discovered, it was part after investigation that led to the resignation of david petraeus, as ahead of the cia, because of an affair. it is 7:09. breaking news, sal will tell us about it. >> reporter: i have two breakers. one is a house fire in san francisco. news chopper 2 is over this
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house fire, near the 101/260 interchange in san francisco. and just knowing a little bit about the area, this is an area where there have been plenty of house fires in the last year or two. it's kind of peculiar. firefighters say once portable heaters come in winter, these things happen more often. botwel street is closeed. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound 25 to 30 minutes delay before you make it on to the bridge, unless you are using the car pool lanes. pleasant hill, traffic is moving along well, just getting word of an overturned scribing in fremont, southbound 880 at mallory. overturned vehicle blocking several lanes. we'll get on that for you. and i want to mention united airlines, if you're taking united anywhere in the world, they're having a major computer issue now, just getting reports
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about this. united airlines, i got a tweet from someone sitting on the tarmac at london. that's how i became a ware of it. now several news organizations are reporting that united had some sort of a melt-down with the commuter system, and delays on flights all over the world, claudine is on her way on that. >> i saw that, sal. very nice. i can't do much better than this. another spectacular day. signs of an increasing clouds coming in, and i think we're all right for the morning, if you need to get out, get the work out in, or whatever, run the errands or chores, do it this morning. this system will work closer. nothing's ever easy in weather, honestly. the timing on this looks to be friday morning, and picking up again friday night until the next system shows up late saturday into sunday. yesterday was nice, temperatures, nice today, too, but then by tomorrow morning,
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we'll be talking about rain. first system is a warm one, starts late tonight, tomorrow. it's moving slowly, but it's on its way. rainfall won't be too heavily, but it could be by the evening hours, and second system comes roaring in from the north. that arrives saturday afternoon, saturday evening, into early sunday. the rest of sunday should be okay. 30s, 40s or 50s. napa airport, 51, 40s for many and low to mid, i mean so it is a big difference in some temperatures. the wind will pick up from the southeast in advance of that system, so that could really kind of play into a breezy forecast later on. the cloud rain forecast, again, timing with these is, they change their tune all the time, but increasing clouds here. takes us into tonight. and then into tomorrow morning. friday morning, looks like some light rain develops. then we get a break until the next band comes in friday evening, and i'll buy that. there upping. friday night, that could be
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moderate to heavy rain. now the colder system, beginning to move into the picture for early saturday, looks like a little break here. some part of saturday, break, and then saturday night, into sunday morning, here comes that colder system. should be gone sunday morning. sun and clouds later on, clouds, morning sun, wind picks up, cooler today, but the southeast whipped, it can be mild. that will increase the humidity. so upper 60s for many, i think if it wasn't for the cloud cover, we would be warmer. we show a lot of cloud cover, rain will begin friday, take us into saturday morning, a break sunday afternoon, clearing up on sunday afternoon, but cool and breezy. >> thank you, steve. it is 7:13. flame retardant chemicals found in furniture and even baby products appear to delay the development of young children. a study at uc berkley found children exposed to the compound calm pbdes, have poor attention and motor skills and lower iq scores. studies have shown the california children have some of
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the highest concentrations of the chemicals in the world. researchers say that's likely due to the state's strict fire safety laws. >> very interesting! time is 7:13. finally, finally, some good news about california's finances. when sacramento may actually see budget surpluses. >> heavy fighting ramps up between israel and gaza, how israel is threatening toest can late
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we have mild conditions for some, but cold for others. we'll have 60s on the high side it, will be okay in the morning, and increasing clouds late. thanks. update on the breaking news sal mentioned. we are receiving reports that united airlines has grounded flights across the country.
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possibly around the world due to computer glitch. united experienced similar problems in august. this is video of that computer melt-down. united is not talking about this latest incident right now. some passengers nationwide say they've been stuck on the runway, others say they have been told to rebook their flight. ktvu claudine wang is heading to sfo, and will have a live sort later. also new this morning, china unveiled the new group of political leaders to the world today. the 7 members of the committee appeared on stage,. he is considered to be more open than his predecessor. he has a daughter in fact who is currently studying at harvard university. also new this morning, we just got word minutes ago from the israeli army that a rocket has struck the southern suburb of tel aviv, but no injuries are
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reported in that incident. israeli prime minister netanyahu says the army is prepared for a significant widening of its attacks on the gaza strip. israel has launched more than 50 air strikes, killing at least ten people, including the military commander of hamas. this is video of wounded people being taken to a hospital in gaza. the strikes are in response to days of rocket fire out of gaza. militants continue to send rocket fire into israel today, killing three people in an apartment building earlier. the israeli prime minister says he is real will take whatever action is necessary to protect its people. we will have a live report from the middle east coming up at 7:45. and new this morning, defense secretary leon panetta has asked the joint chiefs of staff to review ethics training and to brain storm on ways to steer officers away from trouble. this due to a string of ethical lapses by senior military officers. meanwhile, fbi agent who helped
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start the whole investigation that led to david petraeus's resignation has now been identified as 47-year-old frederick humphreys. he first took a complaint from his friend, jill kelley, about threatening e-mails. that led to the discovery of extramarital affair between petraeus and hi biographer paula broadwell. time is now 7:18. less than a week after c pat trees resigned, the -- petraeus, the cia is under scrutiny on how it handling the deadly attack in libya. we have more about the congressional hearings. allison? >> reporter: four house and senate committees are holding hearings about the assault in libya. most of them are classified but this one is open to the public, and the press. the house foreign affairs committee is investigating what
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happened on september 11th in libya, and how to make sure something similar doesn't happen at other u.s. posts over seas. lawmakers are asking why wasn't there more security at the consulate when four americans, including ambassador stevens were killed, and why didn't the cia anticipate the attack or do more to stop it? so much republicans have been going after u.n. ambassador susan rise rise, she says intelligence pointed pointed ton taken just, not -- spontaneous, not a pre-planned attack. john mccain is calling her -- -- >> the reason i don't trust her is because i think through knew better, and if she didn't, she shouldn't be the voice of america. >> president obama is aggressively coming to rice's defense. >> if senator mccain and graham and others want to go after something, they should be after me. >> reporter: house and senate
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intelligence committees will be hearing the reports. for a change, some good news about california's budget deficit. the nonpartisan legislate tier budget says california is now facing a $1.9 billion budget deficit in the coming year. that is well below the $13 billion deficit previously projected. the state could see even more surpluses afternoon that. the improving economy, budget cut-backs, and new tax revenues from the passage of prop 30 all credited for california's improving financial situation. also, the democrats super majority in the state senate and the assembly, well, it's now official. after two races, democrats now have a so-called super majority in both the state senate and the
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state assembly. that means democrats have a two-thirds majority, allowing them to -- the last time democrats had a super majority was 1883. it is 7:21. rain, believe it or not heading our way. steve is watching the storm tracker. that's a beautiful sun right. he'll tell us when and where the clouds will soon be rolling in. >> a well-known zeppelin gets grounded. why this air ship, it just won't fly! >> northbound 280 traffic slow, but we have some big-time problems in the east bay when it comes to one of the major freeways. we'll update that and the rest of the commute coming up. .ñ
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the zeppelin is going to stay on the ground, it has fallen victim to a shortage of helium, and they need a long-term sponsor to stay up in the air. eureka is known foresight seeing tours and for advertising. less than 10 minutes, the national toy hall of fame will announce which two will be i am mortgage iced. the 12 nominees include side walk chalk, little green army men, the game twister, light bright, and the magic 8-ball. anyone ask nominate a toy to the hall of fame, but they must be widely recognized, blow motor creativity or learning and -- promote creativity, or learning. sal is not playing around, we have problems in fremont. >> that's right, we have big problem in fremont with an overturned car that's blocking several lanes, and this commute
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is just horrible. i want to put it on the map, and show you that the traffic on 880 southbound is terrible, because of the crash, and it's backing up all the way into hayward. soon will be backed up into san san lot of people will do that, and that means the other freeways will get more crowded so give yourself extra time. on the east shore freeway, west 80, near gillman, an earlier motorcycle crash that blocked the lanes, your coming from vallejo, it's slower than it normally is. this morning, on northbound 280, that traffic looks good. getting up to highway 17 until you reach downtown san jose. i keep getting tweets from one of my twitter followers who is in london, talking about this situation on united airlines. the united airlines computer system apparently has crashed,
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causing major delays at, for united airlines flights worldwide. this person we'lled me from london. -- tweeted me from london. they said they are going to disarm the during of the plane so people can get out. stay with ktvu, we will have more on this coming up. late go to steve. -- let's go to steve. great sunrise photos coming on twitter. sp weather, cassie just sent me a nice picture. we do have a lot of high clouds streaming in. look at the difference in the temperatures. 53 degrees santa rosa, san francisco, 41, livermore, that's cold readings, and there's mild readings, sunny in the mornings, and clouds increase. 60s on the temperatures, we'll
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have more on the rain coming up. a warning about a very popular energy drink. the concerns that it could be linked to more than a dozen deaths. >> police are trying to catch an arsonist, we'll tell you about the latest fires police believe he set just last night. >> parents in san jose have a lot of questions about why a registered sex offender was allowed at their children's school. we'll tell you why he was not arrested, and we'll have more on the sheriff's department investigation.
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passengers report being stuck at airports or runways some people say they've been waiting for up to two hours this morning. for the flights to take off. united blames a computer out damage. this is video from news chopper 2 taken of sfo. you can see united planes parked at the terminal this is at least the third major computer outage for united since june. and it happens with continental. the passengers are being told by pilots and airport agents that the computers are down and they don't know when the system will returned. of course, this does not bode well for the airlines.
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it's a week from thanksgiving, and that's when holiday travel start to ramp up in the next few days. claudine is on her way to sfo, and will have a live report later. dos of suspicious fires have been flaring up across vallejo. we are live at the village cocktail lounge where the bar mysteriously caught fire early this morning. >> reporter: the police and fire of course are focused -- investigators have focused on the back entrance. this is the latest in a rash of fires, and police are anxious to catch the person, insiders says because of the sheer number of fires set over the past several month, they believe the person is lighting these fires with the butane lighter and using whatever he can find, newspaper, it's, to get it going. we just learned that the bartender to happens to live across the street from here noticed smoke and fire coming from the bar, call the village
7:33 am
cocktail lounge. nobody was inside at the time. investigators believe someone lit a fire on the outside of the building here. the blaze caused at least $50,000 in damages, and firefighters had to cut a hole in the roof for ventilation, and you can see where the flames melted pool tables and beer signs. this fire went a two alarm, and agencies came in to help. investigators have noticed a pattern in the fires. >> over the last 6 to 8 months, we've had on and off, kind of a rash of suspicious fires that may be connected to this one snoop three blocks from here, another fire broke out last night, just after 8:00 at an empty house off alabama street. it caused $75,000 worth of damages. so the pattern we're seeing, fires lit outside vacant buildings, mostly at night, or in the early morning hours, and the only clue as far as a
7:34 am
suspect description that authority have is the person is described as wearing a hoody. live in vallejo. >> thank you. it is 7:33. in overnight news, a 6 unit san francisco building was damaged by fire. firefighters told ktvu. fire under henry street may have started with a heater. it woke up residents in the building at 2:00 a.m. and realized they were in the middle of an emergency. >> i just, i got up, got my clothe on and got my dog. >> the flames got into the walls one unit was burned the other five had smoke damage and broken windows, but noun was hurt. -- know one way hurt. a man facing kidnapping charges. he is accused of taking a 16-year-old girl to las vegas for sex. he was arrested tuesday at his home. police say the investigation began in september when the man and two other men were found in
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a car with the girl in las vegas. the girl's mother told police her daughter had run away. the man is already on probation for a prior child pornography case. new this morning, we're finding out the a convicted sex offender was able to volunteer at a festival held at a san jose elementary school. live in san heat hose -- san jose, we have more. >> reporter: dave, parents i spoke to this morning did not know about this and are disturbed that a registered sex offender was here at st. francis catholic school. at this point, the sheriff's department is investigating. a spokesperson with the department told me that mark christopher was working at a volunteer at a festival that took place in october at the school. a parent recognized him as a sex offender and told the deputy he was working security at the event.
7:36 am
he told the deputy he had a letter from a church officials stating he had permission to be there. now there, is a california penal code that state a registered sex offender is allowed on school ground if they have written permission from a school administrator, so that is why he was not arrested. we spoke to a former student who was surprised that parents weren't notified. >> if i was a student there and, i would be freaked out. my parents do have a right to know if there's somebody on campus that is a sex offender. >> reporter: he was asked to leave the festival and was cooperative. it says he was convicted of lewd and lascivious acts on a child under the age of 14 years old. the sheriff's department has the letter and says it is signed by a church official. they are trying to track if the letter is authentic. a church effect said semiconductor at the school knew
7:37 am
that he would be -- officials said -- i tried to speak to the principal, but she referred all questions to the catholic diocese. i have put in a call to the diocese, but i am still waiting to hear back. happening right now, some uc students are camped out at ucsf mission bay campus. protesting proposed tuition hikes. they plan to rally outside a meeting later today at the university of california regents. >> we're here to say that the budget the regents are considering is wrong for california, it includes 6% tuition increases for the next four years. >> governor brown was at the first day of the meeting yesterday. he called on the regent to look for ways to cut costs. uc board postponed votes on raising student fees at the governor's request. it is 7:37. ready for some cracked crab or
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crab cakes? the commercial crab season officially began at midnight. crabbing up way from half moon bay. they were start arriving in local markets by tomorrow morning. they will be a little more expensive, says for more than $6 a pound. a lot of people say they are worth it. sal, come back! how bad is that traffic problem from fremont? >> we've had that overturned car, and usually it is bass. if you drive on 880, it is usually really terrible, and i'll show you the road sensors are solid red. we are crawling along this morning. this is a big problem, and you need to give yourself extra time. this crash involving several lanes southbound 860 has been there for 30 minutes. we have a big back up stretching all the way into oakland, believe it or not.
7:39 am
southbound 880. what a huge mess, if you are driving on the east shore freeway, there's an earlier problem that caused traffic to be slow from highway 4 all the way into berkley, because of some earlier problems. highway 4 and bay point is slow. we have a big time commute going in the east way. bay bridge toll plaza, 25, 30 minute delay. san francisco, northbound and southbound 101, traffic looking good. just got another tweet from the man on the plane who has been tweeting from his plane in london, because of the united commuter malfunction. pilot said the backup system is now being used. that plane is taking off, so we've lost contact with them. but we do have claw deep on the way -- claudine on the way to san francisco airport, and she will tell us what passengers are experiences coming up on mornings on 2. now to steve. well, not bad here in the morning, we have some sun, bumper to bumper the cloud are beginning -- but the clouds are beginning to increase.
7:40 am
p maybe low clouds and fog will work their way back. we had a couple of really nice days, but things are starting to fall apart. lot of cloud cover in advance of this system. this will give us rain tomorrow morning, and again friday night. that's how it looks. that's the way it looks, women's fine tune this tomorrow. but right now, everything says the nice couple days, even yesterday, mostly sunny. temperatures upper 60s, lower 70s. the rain begins tomorrow, first system not that strong. it could be more rain than this. you -- colder system arrives late saturday into early sunday. so the weekend won't be a total wash. most of sunday will be all right. but we'll have rain though deal with in the morning, clouds in advance of the system. 30s, 40s and 50s, take your pick. some areas not bad, others have patchy fog, and if you have any breeze -- >> impressive system, the low is moving, getting kicked along by that guy up there. that's what moves us all inland. so it needs something to bounce
7:41 am
it along. so the warm pattern kind of ends today. morning sun, and afternoon clouds, give way and we'll see cloud, cooling trend takes us right into friday and 159 day, and temperatures will go from upper 60s, 70s to almost upper 50s by the time everything is said and down. cloud and rain forecast, you get the idea. could be some hit and miss showers. tomorrow morning, looks like things light up here, so there will be rain in the morning, and up again in the afternoon. morning sun, afternoon clouds. wind picks up from the south, so i mean it could get breezy. some higher elevations santa clair have a valley, that could be a -- it may still feel on the mild to warm side, but the cloud cover coming in, i think that will take the edge off the temperatures. five-day forecast. we have cloud and rain moving in friday into saturday morning, a break saturday afternoon, saturday evening, sun arizona rain, and a break -- sunday rain, and a break. >> thank you, steve. 19 minutes before #.
7:42 am
happening now, president obama is on his way to the new york city area, which is still trying to recover from super storm sandy. you can see the president there walking across the tarmac, waving to people there. the president is about to fly to jfk airport in new york city. he's expected to get there in about an hour. flying directly out of air force one, and traveling to staten island, an area hit hard by the super storm sandy. the president plans to survey the damage from super storm sandy and the recent nor'easter, he will meet with families affected by the storms, like he did two weeks ago in new jersey, where these pictures are from. governor cuomo said he will ask for $30 billion in federal aid. and people are still without power after two and a half weeks. the fda has reports of 13
7:43 am
deaths that could be linked to a caffeinated energy drink. the fda says there is no evidence linking five hour energy drinks to the deaths, but in each case, it is cited for possible involvement. and the fda continues to very long. the maker says the drink is safe when used as directed. new this morning, bp has reached a settlement over the gulf oil spill. it's the largest penalty in u.s. hills industry. >> mitt romney gives a new explanation for president obama's victory last week.
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mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente.
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>> a dow is up, 1, nasdaq up 3. s & p up 1. there was a high jump in the number of people filing first time claims for unemployment insurance last week. the labor department reports 439,000 people filed for initial jobless benefits, that is up 78,000 from the week before. and the biggest increase in 18 months. mist say a large number of applications were filed in east coast states, damaged by hurricane sandy. people can claim unemployment if their workplaces closed and they don't get paid. the effects of the storm could continue for two more weeks. much of europe is back in a recession. the 17 countries using the euro
7:47 am
are in a recess, the first time in three years. there were violent clashes with police. they have opinion dodging a recession -- been dodging a recession during to the largest single economy that even germany is beginning to struggle with the burden of failing economies in greece, spain, italy, and portugal. time is 7:46. it is the season of giving, but who are you giving to? pam cook has an exclusive ktvu news investigation. >> collecting money for charity, but where is that money actually going? rita williams spent 4 months following people that were asking donations. at target, perhaps making it seem legitimate. >> do you feel bad that you're collecting under false pretenses? if you're legitimate, why are you running away? can you tell us? >> collecting money in san jose.
7:48 am
her sign says she is collecting money for rows lee's house, she told our producer that's that's it a shelter. >> how much have you given them? 10, $15. we don't have a lot to give. >> the real will shelter is for survivors of domestic violence, but they tell us that they never go out and solicit money in this manner, and street solicitors like that are robbing them. coming up in our next hour of mornings on 2, you'll hear from a police officer on why they often can't respond to these types of complaints, and why when they do, it's more frustrating than when they don't. >> san jose police want to hear from anyone who donated money. you can get their number on our channel 2 website,,
7:49 am
click on the special reports tab, you can find out how to verify that a charity is tax exempt before you make a donation. new developments in the investigation into the bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico this morning. we have now learned that two bp employees will face charges of manslaughter in connection with the 2010 oil rig explosion that killed 11 people. bp has also agreed to pay billions of dollars in penalties over the oil spill. bp also says it will plead guilty to obstruction charges for lying to congress about how much oil pomped out of that ruptured well. and were californians deceives? a new report is raising questions about west coast oil refineries and the high gas prices we had to pay during the past summer. coming up at 8:00, we'll have a live report from san francisco where a hearing this morning could shed new light on the
7:50 am
topic. mitt romney now offering his take on why he lost the election to president obama. during a phone call with top donors to his campaign, the former republican presidential candidate said that president obama won reelection by offering what romney called gifts to minorities and young voters. romney said the president's campaign focused on things like free contraception to get young women to vote for him, and amnesty for children of illegal immigrant to get latinos to the polls. hostess says it could be farewell to twinkies. why the company says striking workers need to return to work today. >> also now that marijuana is legal in two state, what's going to happen to people who drive after smoking it? for the products they make;
7:51 am
for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering we stand for that.
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7:53 am
hostess says all of the 17,000 workers might be out of a job strikes workers do not come back. they will file for liquidation if employees are not back to work by 2 this afternoon. they filed for bankruptcy last january, and if the court approves the liquidate request, all plants could be shut down by tuesday. hostess has 17,000 workers across the county. colorado and washington state just legalized pot, but now they have to figure out how high is too high to drive? with alcohol, police can test the driver's blood alcohol content. but with marijuana, not so easy. there's no widely available test. lawmakers in colorado have tried and they failed to set a limit for marijuana users. the new marijuana law in washington state toss set a blood test limit for marijuana, but lawmakers are already
7:54 am
getting set to challenge it. sal, what's happening on the roads? >> we have some slow traffic in the east bay, because of a crash in fremont that's being cleared away, southbound 880 as you head out to the number you the freeway. this crash has made a mess of the morning commute. heading south from 238 heading to fremont, give yourself plenty of extra time. they are clearing up the crash.. it is just a terrible mess. moving along and looking at the live pictures, this is 280 northbound, looks better than it normally does. it looks good driving up through downtown san jose, slow around the corner into the valley. at the bay bridge toll plaza, steady and slow about, a 30 minute wait before you make it on to the bridge. let's go to steve. >> well, some higher clouds in the north bay, and lower clouds now starting to come up the coast, so this morning sun will lose out by the afternoon hours. we'll probably go cloudy to
7:55 am
mostly cloudy. but sun here in the morning, 30s, 40s and 50s all over the map. a breeze is picking up. there it is, spreading clouds in, and rain late tonight into tomorrow morning. 0's, 40s and 50s, some locations cold, others not bad. the breeze help if you're in the 50s. that system will give us cloud cover. sunshine disappearing that warm pattern, but not bad, 60s and breezy, rain late tonight, more likely tomorrow morning, and friday night, a break saturday afternoon, but saturday night, sunday morning, system comes in. rest of sunday should be all right. ktvu now at the scene of yet another fire in vallejo. live reports just ahead. >> and accident seriously injuring a 5-year-old boy,. >> united airlines flights being grounded all over the country, because of a computer glitch. we're talking to airline passengers live at sfo.
7:56 am
>> reporter: eye opening new report out this morning suggests oil companies intentionally misled the public about recent re refinery shut downs along the west coast, we'll tell you about the state senate hearings being held later the new color changing candle from air wick, brings light and fragrance together,
7:57 am
to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick.
7:58 am
we are in vallejo, where there have been dozens of suspicious fires in the past few months. good morning, tara. >> reporter: this broke out in the past 15 minutes, as if you look over here, you can see this the have vallejo police department, and -- where you can seek the ladder up there. this fire broke out around 7:45,
7:59 am
740 temperature-ish, and we don't know if this was an intentionally set fire as investigators believe the two previous fires, the one that happened last night and then as well as early this morning, but you can see that they were cutting a hole in the roof, they were trying to ventilate it and get some of that smoke out. we're not sure if this started on the outside or the inside. it's difficult to still from our vantage point. but there have been a string of fires over the past 6 to will months, about 30 myers -- fires, that police believe an arsonist is responsible for, so they've been working diligently to try to find this person, on surveillance tape, and the only description they have is that he was wearing a hoody. so obviously, they are going to need to make a map of all of the difference places that have been targeted over the past 8 months, and figure out if there's more of a pattern here. but as far as you know, this particular building is vacant, and that would fit with the margin of all the places that have been struck over the past 8 months. live from vallejo, ktvu. we have breaking news, flights are being grounded all
8:00 am
across the united states and actually around the world because of a computer outage at united airlines. what do you know? it appears they have fixed the problem, so we expect things to start resolving themself shortly here with planes beginning to take off. i'm joined by the airport spokesperson, and he told me, you first found out about this problem about an hour ago. >> our understanding was that they had partial computer system issues affecting the cargo loading of some of the flights, so it wasn't affecting all dee bar chewers, but they reported about 10 flight delays. >> they basically just kept those flights grounded? >> that's correct. >> is everyone, they think about the prior problems related to the merger with continental that
8:01 am
caused serious delays. is this a related system issue, do you know? >> it doesn't appear to be. this is not affecting anything related to reservations, boarding flights, seating assignments, nothing of that nature. it's more specific to cargo loading. >> and all fixed and how long will it take to get back to normal? >> nothing significant on our end. >> reporter: appreciate your time this morning. the spokesperson for the airport. united just down the way. i checked in with the terminal. normal traffic patterns. this is not affect ink the check-in -- affecting the check-ins. again, they expect about 30 minutes, everything back in the air. live here, claudine wong, channel 2 news. new this morning, some big crest about west coast oil refineries and the reasons behind the high gas prices you payed during the summer. alex savage is in san francisco,
8:02 am
where a stunning new report will be presented today at a hearing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, refinery shut downing were blamed for spikes in prices, but the new report saying the refineries kept on producing gas, even during the shut-downs, and even when the public was told the opposite. now, a senate hearing that will happen later this morning here in san francisco will be looking into whether drivers were paying more for gas than they really should have been. lawmakers will be presented with the new report that was prepared by oregon based mccullough research. they coupled through environmental documents and found the california refineries were operating during supposed outages and maintenance shut-downs in may and october of this year. researchers specifically mentioned the shell refinery in martinez, and chevron refinery in richmond. state senator, i talked to him, the chair of today's committee hearing. he told me he's pushing for more
8:03 am
overitem -- oversight of oil companies. >> a way to make sure there is no incentive for the disruptions it the refineries so -- at the refineries so they can conceivably game the system. >> reporter: industry analysts blame the refinery shut downs for the fact that west coast drivers were paying about $.50 more per gallon than the national average. this report suggests there was no reason for the price spikes because inventory levels were building at the time. limo driver i talked to told me he is not surprised by the research. >> they keep making a ton of money, hand over fist all the time, and it's just, whatever little reason, it just seems they bump the price up. >> we have reached out to both shell and chevron for a reaction this report. shell has not yet responded, and
8:04 am
chevron spokesperson we reached told us she will review the report and prepare a response. if will be -- this report will be presented to lawmakers in a hearing that begins at 10:0a.m., here in san francisco. we will obviously be covering that hearing on the noon news today. san francisco police say they arrested a suspected drunk driver just hours ago, who left behind a path of destruction across the mission distribution. a chp officer tried to stop the female driver on i 80 about 2:00 this morning. she reportedly smashed into a parked car, injuring a man at 15th. she kept driving crashing into another car, and electrical box at 17th and south van necessary. she faced felony dui,
8:05 am
hit-and-run and reckless and evading charges, plus an enhancement charge, which means she has been convicted of dui at least three times before. a 5-year-old boy was hurt. the boy was walking with his mother when he ran out into the street, and was hit. he was rushed to the hospital. the driver of the van did stop and has cooperated with the police. witnesses say it's a dangerous area for little kids. >> the speed limit is 25, but it's just too fast. there are kid all over this place. >> it appears the child ran suddenly from the curb and into on coming traffic and the driver had nothing they could do about it. >> police say the driver was not speeding, and will not be facing charges. it is 8:05. san rafael police are looking for a man they say might have
8:06 am
been stabbed while trying to break into a home. two women were in the home when a man with a knife broke in tuesday night. one of the women fought the burglar off while the other called 911. police say the burglar has substantial facial wounds, and may have also been stabbed. a judge has ordered the city of oakland to begin negotiations with the attorneys over the future of the city's police department. next month, court will decide whether to place the department under federal control. if a federal receiver is pointed, that person would have the power to fire top commanders. the city does not want that to happen. but attorneys involved in the decades old police misconduct case say the takeover is necessary. police in antioch say a man who was shot in the head last night was the victim of murder. they found a 32-year-old man dead of a gunshot wound at the delta pines apartment on
8:07 am
sycamore drive. bomb technicians were called in when police saw what they thought was a homemade bomb in the apartment where the man's body was found. that item actually turned out not to be a bomb. uc berkley police investigating a mysterious death in the berkley hills. a man reported that his friend disappeared in grizzly peak boulevard on the college campus early yesterday evening. less than an hour later, searchers found the body of a man in his 20s about 200 feet down the hill, he may have fallen and hit a large rock. his friend identified him as the missing person. campus police say the victim was not affiliated with uc berkley. there will be an autopsy performed, but investigators say they don't think that foul play was involved. early this morning, a strong earthquake hit near mexico city. the 6.0 magnitude earthquake
8:08 am
hypothetical at 120 a.m. our time. so far, there have been no reports of damage or injury. oakland police are questioning well known immediate cat williams in connection to an alleged assault. officers were killed to the court yard -- were called to the courtyard marriott. a man was possibly hit in the head with a bottle. william was detain for questioning. witnesses say they are surprised that williams might be involved. >> that's surprising, edge's pretty big time, and he's doing the show out here, but kind of shocking to hear that from a guy who has a lot to lose. >> police have not announced any arrests next. -- in the case. williams is to perform tomorrow night. back to sal, you've had a lot of things to deal with, are you still focusing on fremont.
8:09 am
>> reporter: yes, southbound 80, talking about this crash that they are clearing. the crash, they are making progress. they have opened the lanes, but the damage is coverage. 880 is very slow, there's a new crash reported southbound 860, just note of 238 in the back up, and the traffic is very, very slow. almost out of oakland, out of san leandro, as i move the mans, oil westbound, little slow traffic in pinole and richmond, and looking also at 680 from concord to walnut creek. out to the live pictures, let's talk about the bay bridge, steady and slow, 5 to 30 minutes. with no major surprises. it is the same thing. and this morning, san francisco, looks like we have a bunch of slow traffic here on the james freeway. 101 southbound, you can see it's crowded there. but so is northbound. 8:09.
8:10 am
let's go to steve. beautiful sunrise, spectacular. lots of twitter pictures coming in. two systems on the way. things are starting to, we're getting surrounded with clouds, up in the north bay. watch, right there, lower clouds coming up. this system right there which will be here late tonight, tomorrow morning, is close to at that point tapping -- tapping in much moisture. we'll go from sunny to cloudy and rain begins late tonight or more likely tomorrow morning. >> first system friday, and next one on late saturday, into early, early sunday. that will be a colder system. that will pack more rain, but the combination of the two, you set the stage with warm air, it could give us decent rain. 40s and 50s, 55 san francisco, 30s, now starting
8:11 am
to disappear, bounces off the morning lows, but lot of 44s. there's the low, rain is back here though. we have to wait for that to swing in. the clouds are already on the increase. they will continue to move in today. could be some sprinkles, drizzle. the measurable rain won't show up until tomorrow morning. cloud and rain forecast, a lot of clouds, more bark than bite. friday morning, right there. 6, 7:00 a.m., well be talking about rain. and a series of bands going through with stronger ones coming through friday night, and we have a good picture for rain, and the cold front will come down late saturday. it looks like into early sunday, right there. maybe in the afternoon, we get a break until saturday night, and overnight taking us into sun sunday morning. sunday afternoon won't be bad. 60s on the, if it wasn't for the cloud cover, it would be warmer. southeast wind helps.
8:12 am
it might feel more warm or muggy. but rain begins late tonight, tomorrow morning, cloudy skies. carry that into saturday, could be a little of a break, say, around 10, 2 or 3. the rest of sunday won't be bad. >> thanks. a quarter century old battle between the 95-year-old oakland resident and the city. it's finally over. >> lawmakers asking questions about the deadly attack in libya. the rate test high profile member of the obama administration who has agreed to [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 25 dollars and get
8:13 am
a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life.
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8:15 am
i. china the new political leaders to the world today. there they are, the 7 leaders appearing on stage. he is considered more open to the outside world than his predecessor, he has a daughter who is studying at harvard university. this morning, the israeli army says a rocket fired from gaza hit the outskirts of tel aviv. that is the farthest the gaza militants have attacked in the past two days of fighting. israel has launched more than 50 air strikes on the gaza strip,
8:16 am
killing at least 10 people, including the military commander of hamas. you're looking at video of wounded people rushed to a hospital in gaza. israel says the air strikes are a response to days ever rocket fire coming out of gaza. militants are still sending rocket fire into israel today, killing three people in an apartment building. israeli prime minister says i will real israel will do whatever is necessary to protect the people. new this morning, defense secretary leon panetta has asked the joint chiefs of staff to review ethics training, and brain storm on how to steer officers away from trouble. due to a string of ethic -- in the meantime, fbi agent who helped start the investigation that led to david petraeus resignation has now been identified at 47-year-old frederick humphreys. he first took a complaint from his friend, jill kelley, about
8:17 am
threatening e-mails. that led to the discovery of the extramarital affair between petraeus, and his biographer, paula broadwell. it led to questions about communications between jill kelley and general john allen. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. new this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton has agreed to appear before congress to testify about the september 11 attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. several hearings on this crisis are underway right now. allison? >> reporter: the state department has clearly taken most of the heat for not doing more to protect chris stevens and the three other americans who were killed in the attack in benghazi. now we learned this morning secretary of state hillary clinton will testify president bushily about it in front of congressional committees, most like live next month there are three hearings going on about
8:18 am
the crisis here on capitol hill today. here is a live look at the house foreign affairs committee hearing going on right now. that commitment at the is getting a report that says the state department has been more reactionary than strategic when it comes to diplomatic security overseas. republicans say benghazi attack is an example of the department's failed approach. >> this is not only a tragedy, it's a perfect example of mall fees advance at the state department. >> house and senate intelligence committees are holding closed door hearings about it today with stop state department and cia officials, and we have learned that general petraeus will be testifying in front of the committees again behind closed doors tomorrow. reporting live from washington, d.c., allison burns. some business owners in san francisco claim they are not happy. the chronicle reports business owners say they are fed up with
8:19 am
the homeless some of whom they say are going to the bathroom out in public in alleys and out be the streets. business owners some of them are planning to move. the police say they have prioritize, because they are shorthanded and don't have enough staff, meaning they handle violent crime calls first. people in san francisco central mission neighborhood are complaining about unsanitary conditions. as well as prostitution problems. tensions boiled over touring a meeting with the district super size source. the residents accused officials of cracking town on prostitute in other parts of the city, but letting it continue in the mission district. after a long battle, a 55-year-old woman may finally get her wish -- 95-year-old woman may finally get her wish of having a panoramic view from her home. the city council gave phyllis bishop the right to cut down some city owned trees that were blockingment view from her home.
8:20 am
last year, officials won the right to trim and clear her naked neighbor -- neighbor's trees. it comes after a long legal battle. they had been fighting over the years for 25 years. shoppers who want to spend their money at locally owned businesses are getting some help from the city of pleasanton. it's launched a website that encourages residents and visitors at the to discover new places around shop at eat out. the site also lets local businesses market themself. website users can look up shops by category or location. time is now 8:20. new this morning, two very popular toys were just named to the national toy hall of fame as we head into the holiday shopping season. those toys? star wars action figures, and dominoes. they beat out clue, magic 8 ball, and twister. some of the previous winners are play-doh, and slinky. the toys are selected based on
8:21 am
how well they foster learning, creatively, and also discovery. and it's no toy, it's real. it's that free new ktvu ipad app, it's ready for you to download. you can watch all the newscasts live, plus drive time traffic, bay area weather, and you can get video of breaking news any time, anywhere. >> it is 8:20. john mcafee fears for his life. >> until i confess to a multitude of sins, including the murder of jimmy hoffa. >> who he claims is targeting, and why he says he is not guilty of murder. >> enjoy the weather while you can. steve says we have rain and it's coming. up next, he'll tell you when and where. >> good morning, traffic on northbound 280 looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning compute and the bay weather. -- commute and the bay weather. here you go little man.
8:22 am
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the jury found him guilty last week of killing two people, including his former girlfriend and the richmond -- at the richmond san rafael bridge three years ago. burress told jurors they should "flip a coin" to decide whether to give him the death penalty or
8:25 am
life in prison. the founder of mcafee software, john mcafee, remains on the run this morning in the central emergency country of bay least. he says -- belize, he says police want to kill him. investigators are looking to question him in the death of his neighbor, and florida business owner gregory fall. mcafee, who is described as a person of interest, maintains his innocence. >> i am innocent, everything they are accusing of, except foolishness for staying in the country, although i intend to stay. >> your not going to leave the country? >> i love this country, this is my home, sir. >> mcafee says he did not shoot his neighbor, but he admits there was a dispute over mcafee's dogs being kept at the beach side villa. let's go right back to sal. there are a lot of commute problems this morning. >> there's a new one, relatively new, northbound 680 right near
8:26 am
danville, there is a crash right there, and that is a sigalert, that means they think that will be there a while. northbound 680 slow coming out of san ramone, because of this injury crash that has turned into a traffic alert for c. hp. bay bridge toll plaza, backed up for 20 minutes delay, better than it normally is, but not much, it's improving, which is a good sign. san jose, we have slow traffic on north wounds 101, backed up from 280. late go to steve. -- late go to steve. lower clouds beginning to come up along the coast, lots of cloud cover starting to filter in, and getting closer and close. we're going to go from partly sunny to mostly cloudy here. we'll see the front down there, taps into some tropical moisture
8:27 am
40s and 50s on the temperatures, 0's to 50s this morning. the system is on its way. it won't be here until late tonight, there could be sprinkles. the rain wouldn't get here until tomorrow morning, early, early. we will be mostly cloud can clo, but very little rainfall ton, but tomorrow morning, we take that in. there will be more coming in over the weekend, 60s on the temperatures, dave, and because of the cloud cover, bringing those down, if it wasn't for the cloud cover, we would be just at warm. but rain friday, and again friday night, and a little break saturday. but saturday night, sunday -- sunday afternoon, not bad, just cool and breezy. some shocking allegations against the high school basketball coach, what he is accused of doing in the boys locker room. >> the third fire call in just 12 hours. we'll tell you why they believe
8:28 am
this could be the work of an arsonist. >> live in san jose, where parents are shocked to find out that a registered sex offender was at the children's school. we'll tell you why he was not arrested and the about investigation when mornings on 2 continues.
8:29 am
8:30 am
another fire in vallejo, the third one since last night. tara tells us how this fire might be connected to dozens more in recent months.
8:31 am
>> reporter: the latest fire happened here, we are a block from the police station, if you can believe that, and joining me live is the battalion chief. this has been a busy morning. >> correct, busy morning. three second alarm fires in the last 12 hours. all three were suspicious in nature, currently under investigation at this time. >> reporter: tell me the things that links them together possibly. do you notice a pattern? >> most of the buildings, i believe all the fires have been vacant at the time of the fire. we've had this going on six to sit months. same mo on how they were started, not exact, but similar in nature. again, these are currently under investigation. >> thanks so much for joining us. the video you're is from a vacant veterinary office. firefighters got the call around
8:32 am
7:30 this morning, it appears to have started near a window. firefighters cut a hole in the roof, and nobody was hurt, but some damage. at a bar, not far from here, the call came in before 3:00 a.m. $50,000 worth of damage there. officials believe someone torched an area in the back of the village cocktail lunch. that building also vacant. and then, less than 7 hours before that, investigators say someone i go nighted a fire around 8:00 last night at the rear of a home three blocks from the bar on alabama street. we saw $75,000 worth of damage there, again, an empty house. nobody hurt, but a home next door was threatened. police have little description of the suspect if any. he was wearing a hoody, but that's what they have to go on other than the map they are creating to figure out where he has struck in the last six to eight months. next door, there's a house here
8:33 am
where last week, the chief tells me that somebody actually cut off the gas line and rigged it so they could light the house from outside. is trying to explode the home so when firefighters entered, they would get hurt. that didn't happen, the home was spared. we did talk to the homeowner. he says he is very distraught or what has happened. he just moved recently and says he hopes that authority can catch this arsonist. overnight news, a fire damaged 6 unit san francisco building. it happened here near henry avenue. it heavy started with a heater. the it did wake up building residents about 2:00 a.m., and they realized they were right in the middle of an emergency. >> i got up, got my clothes on and got my dog. >> the flames got in the wall and burned one unit. the five other units do have
8:34 am
smoke damage, and broken windows, but luckily no one was hurt. then fire happened about 6:00 a.m. at a house on.both well. firefighters have knocked down the flames, they haven't told us whether anyone was hurt. nevada man is facing kidnapping charges after being accused of taking a 16-year-old girl to las vegas for serks. the man was arrested tuesday at his home. police say the investigation started in september when he and two other men were found in a car with the girl in las vegas. the girl's mother told the police her daughter had run away. he is on probation for a prior child pornography case. a story that has a lot of people talking this morning. a convicted sex offender is caught volunteering at an event at a san jose elementary school,
8:35 am
and is not arrested. >> reporter: school just began at st. francis catholic school, so we ran into a lot of parts, and nobody new that a registered sex offend did he ever was allowed -- -- offend devin was allowed to be here. one parent recognized the man as a sex offender and told a deputy who was working security. he had a letter from a church officials stating he had permission to be at the school. of the sheriff's department says he was not arrested because under california penal code, a registered sex offend did he ever is a lloyd to be on school ground if they have written permission. parents are upset they weren't notified and can't believe it was allowed. >> we're scared, and nervous, and we just want some answers. i think everybody is concerned about the lack of action and not
8:36 am
informing us. >> the deputy asked the man to leave, and he was cooperative. it says he was convicted of a lewd and lascivious act on a child under the age of 14. the sheriff's department has a letter and says it is signed by a church official. they are trying to determine if it is authentic, because if it is fake, the man should have been arrested. sheriff's department did say that at least one person from the church did know that he would be at the festival, prior to it taking place. i went to talk to the school principal, and she declined to be interviewed and referred all questions to the catholic diocese. i put a call in to them, but have not received a call back. reporting live from san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. meantime, ohio, high school basketball coach is accused of secretly videotaping students in
8:37 am
the shower of the boys' locker room. police say videos of students were found in student --'s house. investigators think he was secretly recording students since 2005. now he's been held on $2 million bail. flame retardant chemicals found in furniture and even baby products appear to delay the development of young children. a study at uc berkley found children exposed to the compounds call pbdes, had core attention and motor skills and lower i school -- iq scores,. good news for people planning to drive this thanksgiving holiday. gas prices are dropping. aaa says the cheapest gas is in
8:38 am
have -- vallejo. san francisco has the highest local price. it's now $3.96, that's down $.67, and the other and -- remember last month, earlier this year, when we paid close to $5 a gallon for gas? a hearing in san francisco this morning looks into questions about the gas spikes in california. coming up at 8:45, the new research questioning the justification given by oil refineries for the price increases. san francisco city hall should be back to normal after tuesday night's small electrical fire. it started in an electrical vault down in the basement. it caused power outages in parts of city hall that lasted until about 7:15 last night. the cause of the fire still under investigation. it is 8:38.
8:39 am
check in with sal, a crash in contra costa county? >> it has made a mess of the whole commute there. 660 has been slow, backing up big time into san ramone, so if you're in san ramone, you say what's going on? that's what's going on. 680 is backed up to concorde down to danville, and continues to be slow. also, hayward you can union city, fremont, this freeway here, southbound ask a huge mess -- is a huge mess. across the bay, i moved the maps the wrong way. i want to move them here. we just heard of a new crash on eastbound 92 at ralston avenue. that is near 280 and 92 in san mateo county. that is new crash. late go to some live pictures. the bay bridge, it's improving. so if you are trying to get into the city, this is good news for you, maybe it's nor like a 10 minute delay. 237 traffic is slow.
8:40 am
now to steve. some sun, but a lot of clouds beginning to circle the wagons, and coming up from the south, low clouds, higher clouds will be from partly sunny to mostly cloudy. it won't take too long. the our system is on the move. right there. this will give us rain, maybe late tonight, more likely tomorrow morning, could be drizzle. i think we have to wait for this to swing in. it won't be a lot, but it will start tomorrow morning. we'll see the clouds roll in in the afternoon. we have two systems, first one late tonight, tomorrow morning, and the second one from the north. the first system set the stage, second colder. the weekend won't be a total wash, but it's going to be cool and breezy. 450's and 50s on the temperatures, some 30s, a lot of cloud cover, a big band of it, subtropical moisture, maybe the tail end will tap into that. but he can see thousand -- how that dryer air is losing ground.
8:41 am
the warm pattern, sunny, mostly sunny, is coming to an end. cloud up, see temperatures starting to drop off. it will be cooler today, and a lot cooler friday into the weekend. sun for a while, then clouds. they will be here, lot, low and high clouds, cool on the temperatures. decent little southeasterly breeze up. p 60s on the temperatures. it will be cooler today, and rain begins tomorrow. we'll have a cloudy, rainy day on friday. maybe a little bit of a break late saturday morning into early afternoon until that next system arrives. that will take us into sunday morning, and clear it out. cool and breeze. a police chase on the streets of san francisco, and we have new information about the suspected drunk driver accused of leaving this path of destruction. >> if you are legitimate, why are you running away? >> they are using the name of a local charity, but that shelter
8:42 am
says it's not seeing a dime of the money donated here. >> we're used to spikes at the gas pump, but a new report out this morning subs the oil refineries explanation for those rises in prices may not always hold water. we'll tell you about a state senate hearing happening later on this morning. to change the way we clean.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
stocks are lower after two retailers -- target's profits rose the company said sales increased at a slower pace than last year. a live look at the big board, the nasdaq is down 12. s & p down 3. we checked and facebook stock is trading at 21, $2.13, that's down 1% this morning, however, that's after yesterday's gain of more than 12.5% yesterday. the stock was active yesterday as trading restrictions expired on 8-000000 shares opened by employees and early investors. united airlines says a
8:46 am
marriage computer outage -- a major computer outage has been fixed. it left thousands stranded at airports around the world. spokesman at sfo says there were ten flight delays earlier this morning, but things are not getting back to normal. now, we know the name of the suspected drunk driver facing several charges at san francisco police say she led them on a terrifying chase just hours ago. the chp says bar rows called two crashes including one that injured a pedestrian. that injured pedestrian is said to be, expected to be okay. this morning, in san francisco, a hearing investigating the sky high gasoline prices we've paid here in california several times this year. alex savage is in san francisco with the new research that's raising questions about how the oil refineries explain those price hikes. >> reporter: good morning, this eye-opening new report suggests
8:47 am
that oil refineries peruked georgia, even in periods when they were shut down, and the shut downs let to sky high gas prices and spikes at the pump earlier on this year. that's why later today, state lawmakers will hold a hearing to look whether oil companies intentionally misled the public about inventory at the refineries. lawmakers will be presented with a new report that was prepared by mccullough research based occupant of oregon. they combed through documents and found refineries operating during supposed out damages in may, and october of this year. researchers specifically mentioned the shell refinery, chevron in richmond. industry analysts blame the shut down for why drivers were paying more. >> p i mean, the government is
8:48 am
to protect the public from being ripped off, and i just think that oil companies do it day in, day out. >> reporter: this new report suggests there was no reason for price spikes because inventory levels were building at the time. we have reached out to both shell and chevron for reaction. we have not yet heard back from shell spokesperson, but chevron spokesperson did tell us that they will prepare a response later on today. this research will be presented to lawmakers during a state senate committee hearing on bay area transportation that begins at 10:00 a.m. here in san francisco. we'll have full coverage on the news at noon, and throughout the day here on channel 2. live in san francisco, alex savage, ktvu. >> make sure you stay mirror -- here for more coverage. we'll have the results of the hearing on ktvu channel 2 news at noon, and at 5:00.
8:49 am
new this morning, in the last half hour, pb has confirmed it has agreed to pay $4.5 billion over the 2010 oil spill in the gulf that killed 11 workers. the settlement total of 4.5 billion will be paid over five years, and includes nearly 1.3 billion in criminal fines. that's the largest such penalty ever with payments to several government agencies. bp has also pled guilt tiff to 11 felony count of felony misconduct, and a felony count of obstruction of justice. giving to charities that don't exist. that's a real concern after a ktvu investigation. pam cook has with what we found after following one woman for four months. >> reporter: one of the viewers contacted us to say there was a woman outside a target store collecting money under false pretenses. our reporter rita williams approached her, but she quickly
8:50 am
packed up and left without saying a word. after digging deeper, we found it's not just one woman, it looks like there's an organized group collecting and then pocketing the money in the name of charity. san jose police spokesman used to work in fraud. he says the unit has gone from 8 to 2 detectives investigating nearly 5000 cases a year. >> i spent the most amount of hours on a fraud case to find out that the punishment they received was far less than some violent criminal received, and they got away with a lot more money. >> reporter: welsh's told that street -- we're told streets officers don't check to see if the tax id is valid. in this case, it wasn't. the woman said she was selecting for rose lee houses, we contacted the rose lee house. the name is spelled differently, and they say they do not go out and solicit money in this manner. target around some other stars
8:51 am
-- and other stores have put up signs telling customers not to give. san jose police want to hear from anyone who doe -- donated. you can get the number at, and click on the special reports tab, you can find out how to verify a p -- a charity as tax exempt. james holmes, the suspect in the colorado movie theater shootings had to be hospitalized after he reportedly tried to hurt himself. p according to denver news stations, holmes rammed his head into the wall of his jail cell. he was taken to a hospital with unknown injuries, and has since been released. holmes was supposed to attend a court hearing today, but it's now been pushed back to december 10. a group of knew suing the city of san francisco -- nudists suing the city of san francisco. they held a rally outside city hall before they filed the
8:52 am
lawsuit. they have say the band would deprive them of their freedom of expression. the supervisors will take a vote on the ban on tuesday. the pilot of a small lane -- plane made an emergency landing. he did that yesterday morning. he says he was testing his plane when it lost power. the plane was fixes three hours later, he used the freeway to once again take off. more than 70 cats will be put up for adoption today after being rescued from a mobile home in the san cruz mountains. authorities seized 74 cats from a one bedroom trailer in the summit area sunday after getting a call from a concerned neighbor. officials say some of the cats had claude their way into the walls of the home to find space.
8:53 am
the owner of the cats was told she would face animal cruelty charges if she was call the hoarding cats again. yesterday, crews dug a ditch to make sure the run off from the rain had not send more mud pouring down into the streets. the business only a temporary fix until the wet weather passes. engineers are working on a permanent solution for the hillside, but that could take several weeks. our time is 8:53, it's not easy to find that first job when you get out of college, but there's a new survey that talks about the job prospect of the class of 2013, and why some students who have an advanced business degree, it maybe a disadvantage. >> bay bridge has been jammed up in the morning all week.
8:54 am
oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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there's a new michigan state survey that find employers expect to hire more 4 year college grads next year. the demand for jobs seekers with associate degrees is expected to go up about 30%. but hiring is expected to be down if you haven't a mba
8:57 am
because many employers are looking to fill open jobs with 4 year grads at a lower salary. rumors of a new deal in san francisco that do bring huge benefits for organizers at the outside lands festival and city under the new contract, the concert permit would be extended for 8 more years. it would also allow up for 10,000 more people to attend the three day event, organizers would pay the city higher rental fees and other costs. sal, the problems on 680 sound ridiculous. >> if you look at 680, on the map i'll put up, heading up to walnut creek, it's terrible. 680 from san ramone, 680 south is coming out of concorde. let's move along to live pictures. bay bridge, not too bad about a 10 minute delay at the toll plaza, and san francisco, northbound and southbound 101,
8:58 am
look good. enough late go to steve. partly sunny, partly cloudy, giving way to mostly cloudy later on as we get an area front coming in. light to moderate rain, friday night, and one more system saturday night into sunday. >> a pounding? >> i don't think, there will be steady rain with the one tomorrow. and lots of people will be looking forward to your forecast next week. >> tuesday and wednesday, light rain, and thursday will be okay. be sure to watch the news at noon [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for.
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[ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.

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